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Velux Blinds

VELUX blinds and shutters reduce heat loss as well as your heating bill

velux blinds for roof windows - insulation and light screening

Elegance and Simplicity

Elegantly designed VELUX blinds and roller shutters allow easy control of heat and daylight and a whole new dimension of comfort in your home. Adding VELUX blinds to your roof window can improve insulation by up to 30% - and thus lower your heating bills, while enhancing comfort.

The following types of blinds are available for Velux windows

  • Blackout
  • Roller
  • Blackout with Remote Control
  • Venetian
  • Pleated
  • Duo

Velux Blinds: A brief history.

In 1941 Villum Kann Rasmussen, aware of a national shortage of living space in his homeland of Denmark, realised there was an opportunity for developing attic space into cheap living accommodation and he developed a roof window to let in natural daylight, and VELUX was born. However, the first Velux roof window ever made was installed in a Danish school.

The Velux name is derived from the words Ventilation and Lux, the latter word being Latin for light.

Technical Specifications

The VELUX active window system with blinds and roller shutters is a complete system, offering a solution for low energy and optimised indoor comfort. This is achieved by automatic control of natural ventilation, sunscreening, passive solar gains during the day and added insulation during night.

Energy Savings with VELUX blinds and roller shutters Installing VELUX blinds and roller shutters to your roof window is an easy way of reducing heat loss and thus lowering your heating bill. And in addition you get all the well-known benefits of a blind or a roller shutter that matches your window perfectly and is so easy to install.

With a lowered blind or roller shutter you create an air buffer between pane and curtain that provides additional insulation. The reduction of heat loss obtained depends on pane type as well as on the type of blind or roller shutter fitted to the window. With roller shutters, blackout blinds and double pleated blinds you obtain the best possible reduction of heat loss when fitted to a roof window with a standard 00-pane then the reduction is up to 30%.

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