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Roman blinds come in a wide range of fabrics and patterns and are a cheaper option than curtains, as they use much less fabric. They are particularly suited to bedrooms and living and dining rooms as the fabric creates soft pleats as the blind is drawn up. Roman blinds are usually usually made to order or home made, as ready-made ones cannot be altered to fit.


Roman blinds add sophistication and elegance to your home

These blinds are popularly made from fabric and they come in a variety of color, design, texture and size depending on what you want. If you do not want the trouble that comes with installing heavy draperies or curtains, roman blinds are the best option for you and your home.

Roman Blinds - things to consider

A roman blind isn't for every home. It may be inappropriate if you have a rustic home which will look better with a wooden venetian blind. They're also not that convenient for covering wide windows such as using them for conservatory blinds, as they're difficult to pull up. In that situation, you may want to buy two blinds and mount them side by side, for ease of use.

A roman blind is versatile when it comes to adding style to your house. A simple patterned blind will make a simple accent piece while a heavily patterned one will make a statement. Light and soft fabrics provide a summer feel and a blind that comes in warm colors can give a fuzzy warm feeling to your home which is perfect for those cooler months.

According to Blind Shape

Roman blinds have flat panels that extend all the way downward. There are two types of blinds, according to the shape or the fold that you can see when you draw up the blinds. The first, more common style folds straight when lowered and neatly folds up when pulled up, where it lies flat. The second style of Roman blind is a teardrop shape. This blind doesn't lie flat when you pull it up but rather it has a curved or cuffed hem. It makes a loop or teardrop shape when drawn up. I prefer this style, especially for a bedroom or living room, as it gives the room a softer and more elegant appearance. This style needs a more flimsy or fine material than the regular classic type.

According to Color

You may match your blinds with the style and interior of your room. As the blinds are available in all colors it is easy to mix and match.

According to Texture

Blinds are available in many different fabrics: from canvas, denim, soft fabric, flimsy, wispy, denim and leather, even satin. The texture of the fabric depends on what type of look you want to achieve. A softer texture is required for a teardrop style; a stiffer fabric texture is needed to provide you with a stiff horizontal style.

The following types of roman blinds are available ....

  • Fabric
  • Woven
  • Plain
  • Patterned
  • Faux suede
  • Wood

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