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Covering Your Contents

Whilst it may be nobody's idea of bliss, the issue of home insurance is one which we all need to deal with at some point. Though we are less likely to encounter major infrastructural problems with houses than we are likely to have a slight bump on an item such as a car, we nevertheless need to protect ourselves against such unwanted vagaries just as we do with our more vulnerable motors.

What is more, there needn't be the titanic struggle between pocket and policy which so many people see as part-and-parcel of the process. Obviously the larger and older your house, the higher the premium placed on the kind of buildings cover which will make up any losses incurred by time-worn pests like water damage, roof damage and rot. Yet this isn't to say that owners of larger properties, or residents in more difficult to upkeep period houses, will struggle when it comes to matching their needs to a fitting insurance package.

Home insurance is readily - and more cheaply - available online from a variety of companies and building societies and banks, many of which double up as providers of car insurance and life insurance. The key to making the most of what is available via the internet is research: take a good look around a variety of sites, perhaps spend an afternoon on a price comparison site, and most importantly, compare and contrast the discounts and added extras which each company offers.

Most companies offering home insurance will provide discounts on deals which combine building and contents covers; others sometimes team up with corporations in different fields to offer free gifts or holiday packages. Kwik Fit Insurance, perhaps a name more immediately synonymous with car dealers, has a series of promotions involved with the property sector. As with many online companies, discounts and offers are often available for buyers looking to combine their policies with contents coverage.

Kwik Fit Insurance offers a 20 Virgin Wine Voucher with every quote until the end of August, and continuing through the autumn a permanent policy promotion which incorporates new for old contents cover, 500 garden contents cover, 500 freezer contents cover and 500 lock replacement deals. Take a long, hard look, and don't be disappointed.


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