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Blinds & Shutters

For privacy, shade and a splash of colour, blinds or shutters provide a practical and stylish solution to dresssing your windows,

Roller Blinds

Simple, smart and inexpensive - roller blinds tick all the boxes. They provide excellent protecxtion against heat and light and give a romm a neat uncluttered look. Choose a sheer fabric to soften the sunlight, patterned fabrics to introducew colour and texture or blackout blinds to block light out sompletely.

Roman Blinds

These blinds come in a wide range of fabrics and patterns and are a cheaper option than curtains as they use much less fabric. They are particularly suited to bedrooms and living and dining rooms as the fabric creates soft pleats as the blind is drawn up. Roman blinds are usually made to measure or home made as ready made ones cant be altered to fit.


Stylish and practical, shutters are greagt for privacy. Adjusting the position of the louvres lets through varying amounts of light, while the tier on tier style allows you to open the topset while keeping the bottom set closed. Available made to order they come in a range of natural wood stains and neutral painted shades to suit your decor.

Venetian Blinds

Made from horizontal slats in wood or aluminium that can be tilted, raised or lowered to let in as much light as you want - these are a popular choice for their versatility. These are easy to clean and perfect for hot or steamy rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. You can buy them made to measure or ready made.

Conservatory Blinds

These blinds are essential in a south-facing conservatory , helping to regulate the temperqature inside, vital during the summer months if its hot. Often made from paper or pinoeleum fabric, they can be made to fit high awkward shapes and remote controls are an option to open and close high up roof blinds easily.

Vertical Blinds

Ideal for tall windows and doors the vertical blind is versatile allowing you control over how much light is filtered into the room - tilt them to introduce a lot or a little light into a room, or pull them back entirely. Choose from plains, naturals, jacquards and even PVC.


Perfect for contemporary style rooms, these panels of fabric lie parallel across the window on a straight track and concertina back to let light in. Their width means they work well as room dividers for open plan living. Available in many colours and patterns, including solar-protection versions.

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